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Return on Investment (ROI)


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“The future is very much a partnership between a Planner and Nodes & Links, driving faster on better project performance and therefore, better outcomes.”


Return on Investment (ROI)


hours saved monthly

“Nodes & Links enabled us to extract more value out of our project data. We were able to get ahead of risk & gather actionable insights from our existing project data, thus saving both time and money.”


reduction in workload


time saved in processing

“Nodes & Links’ approach to tackling the challenge of project complexity is the biggest breakthrough in project risk management since the introduction of Quantitative Risk Analysis.”


Return on Investment (ROI)


hours saved monthly

“We wanted to get things done better and faster so that we could identify slips and proactively manage them. The scale and complexity of the project was challenging our ability to do so in a scalable way.”

Discover our platform’s key features

AI Reports

Unlock the power of AI-driven reporting for unparalleled insights into your project's performance.

AI Risk

Take a proactive approach to identifying and addressing potential challenges with AI-powered QSRA and Monte Carlo simulations.

Progress Tracking

Gain granular visibility into project progress and analyse patterns in milestone achievement for strategic project planning.

Change Control

Compare schedules and measure the impact of your interventions, assuring the fastest path to delivery.

Schedule Health

Keep your project in top condition by quickly identifying and addressing data discrepancies.

CO2 Management

Integrate sustainability into your project planning and minimise your carbon footprint for environmentally responsible practices.

Delay Navigator

Swiftly pinpoint sources of delays and take corrective actions to reduce disruptions.

Path Analysis

Identify critical and near-critical paths for effective prioritisation of activities and resource allocation.

AI Predict

Anticipate potential delays and orchestrate strategic acceleration opportunities for timely project delivery.

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