Breaking New Ground in Construction: Introducing N&L Impact

Ask a room full of project managers what their typical daily agenda looks like and you’ll likely be met with much head scratching, followed by the answer that one doesn’t exist. Sure, there’ll be activities common to each week and sometimes PMs will bring in a standard 40-hour week. But most project managers we’ve spoken to tell us their workload is reactive, highly variable, and they're lucky if they can find time for lunch.

We built N&L Impact to hand project professionals time back in their day. 

We’re giving power back to the user by giving them direct access to the tools they need. N&L Impact puts an end to the lengthy sales and setup cycles typically found in construction. No more product demos, complicated integrations, or meetings with consultants. 

As the third product in our project and risk management suite, N&L Impact gives you free unlimited access to all our features in just a few clicks. We’re breaking new ground in construction projects by becoming the only provider to offer direct access to project intelligence tools.

Why did we create N&L Impact?

Historically, project delivery in the construction sector has been relatively stagnant. Our goal is to enhance project performance by giving users hassle-free access to 21st-century tech. Our CEO and co-founder, Greg Lawton, sums up this new direction:

"We want to provide our customers with the best possible experience, and we believe this change will do just that. It eliminates the need for a lengthy sales cycle and streamlines the entire process, giving users access to our powerful tool in minutes."

Ultimately, projects have been operating on outdated technology and accustomed to human error for too long. With the state of our engineering and development capabilities, we see no reason project managers shouldn't have effective tools at their disposal to do the menial work for them. Our goal is to provide them with the tools they don't even realise they need.

Who is N&L Impact for?

If you play a part in delivering large, complex construction and engineering projects, we built N&L Impact for you. We’re on a mission to revolutionise the way these projects are planned and delivered through our DeepTech SaaS software. Our algorithms look at the project data, before providing you with previously-unattainable insights.

To get a flavour of the projects we helped deliver, check out our case studies.

N&L Impact is built for the large span of roles that make up the Project Management Office (PMO). We help:

  • Project managers execute high-level deliverables with tools like Schedule Compare and Schedule Health, as well as critical path analysis and progress tracking. 

  • Project planners and schedulers by improving predictability and surety in their  day-to-day activities. This includes progress tracking, reporting, schedule strategy, change requests, and more.

  • Risk managers predict delays before they happen and test mitigations in real-time. Our aim is to make activities like risk tracking, reporting, and schedule risk analysis far easier and more reliable for all stakeholders. 

  • And many others such as account managers, project controllers, PMO directors, and project directors.

What will it do for me?

We believe a major problem in the project delivery space is having to put aside several months just to access a piece of technology, let alone start to use it and assess value. N&L Impact turns this problem on its head by providing direct, unlimited access to every feature of our two core products: N&L Insights and N&L Risk.

What does unlimited access to N&L Insights and Risk mean?

N&L Insights enables you to see what activities and milestones have been removed or added, and how that impacts your critical path and other KPIs. And you’re free to rely on legacy software and spreadsheets as much or as little as you want. The solution lets you:

  • Check your schedule health instantly and accurately

  • See trends and deviations early to avoid surprises

  • Compare two schedules to identify critical changes

  • Track your project progress with unmatched efficiency

N&L Risk gives you the risk profile of any activity or WBS while letting you focus on critical path activities using smart filters. You can import uncertainty parameters from previous schedules and get AI uncertainty recommendations based on past performance. N & L Risk empowers you to:

  • Predict delays before they happen, and test mitigations in real-time

  • Spot the source of delay and the activities responsible for it

  • Run simulations and enrich them with AI, using the world’s fastest QSRA engine

  • See what drives risk and uncertainty using a smart and interactive interface

That was a whistle-stop tour – to find out more, browse our videos or brochures for feature breakdowns or explore our whitepapers to dive into the technical aspects of our platform.

See N&L Impact for yourself

If you’ve skipped straight to this section of the blog, we don’t blame you. Giving time and power back to the projects community is the beating heart of N&L Impact! 

Dive in and see N&L Impact for yourself today!

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