Find where delays come from

Spot the source of a delay and the activities responsible for passing that delay.
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This feature is part of N&L Risk, and you will ♥ it because


See where delays came from using an intuitive screen


See the contribution of each activity to a delay


Export results for your report, and share data with your team

Spot the source
of a delay

Select an activity and immediately get the activities that are responsible for its delay, and their individual contribution.

Start from the most delayed activities

Save time in finding the activities that matter most by using a smart search that automatically prioritises activities with the largest delays.

An interactive dashboard that serves you

Navigate activities and paths that have led to a delay, and see its delay contribution in an easy and interactive way.

Share results in a flexible way

Export visuals that can be featured in your report or download detailed data in a csv for further analysis.

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