How Consultancies Are Winning More Project Business with AI

Join us to learn how consultancies are increasing price points and improving their margins on their project services with AI/ML.

In this webinar, Greg Lawton, CEO of Nodes and Links, discussed how consultancies are leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) to win more project business.

Nodes and Links is an AI schedule management platform aimed at automating workflows to enhance project execution. By saving time through automation, AI enables teams to focus on building better plans and executing projects effectively.

Greg highlighted the evolution of technology, emphasizing AI’s role in scaling human productivity by automating mental tasks rather than just physical labor. He presented his personal equation for assessing the productive capacity of AI systems, emphasizing factors like advancement, tailored workflows, and ease of access.

He then discussed how AI, as a productive capacity multiplier, creates new value for consultancies. He outlined three key components of value in consultancy services: revenue generation, efficient delivery, and risk reduction. He emphasized the importance of understanding what constitutes new value in consultancy services and how AI can enhance work, service, and commercial terms.

Greg provided specific examples of AI-powered services, such as smart delay analysis, smart quantitative schedule risk analysis, smart change analysis, and AI-generated reporting. These services offer benefits like faster analysis, increased accuracy, and improved transparency, leading to higher value propositions for clients.

In terms of pricing these AI-powered services, Greg advocated for pricing based on defensible value, considering factors like speed, guarantees, transparency, and consistency. He illustrated how consultancies can offer higher-value services at competitive prices by leveraging AI to increase productivity and reduce costs.

Greg concluded by discussing the broader implications of AI adoption in consultancy, predicting a shift towards technology-driven consultancy models that prioritize share price growth over traditional manpower-driven models.

In summary, Greg’s talk provided valuable insights into the transformative power of AI in consultancy, offering practical strategies for consultancies to leverage AI to enhance their services, increase profitability, and stay ahead in an evolving project industry landscape.

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