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ground-breaking software for project controls professionals.
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Welcome to N&L Impact

The revolutionary project management software that gives you hassle-free access to 21st-century technology. As the third product in our project and risk management suite, N&L Impact is the only provider that offers direct access to project intelligence tools.

Why Choose N&L Impact?

If you are involved in delivering large, complex construction and engineering
projects, N&L Impact is the perfect solution for you. We understand the challenges
that project managers face and have built a DeepTech SaaS software
that provides previously unattainable insights.

Our algorithms look at the project data to provide you with the critical
information you need. With N&L Impact, you will have unlimited access to
all the features of our two core products, N&L Insights and N&L Risk.

What can N&L Impact do for you?


N&L Insights


N&L Risk

Enables you to instantly and accurately check your schedule health, see trends and deviations early, compare two schedules to identify critical changes, and track your project progress with unmatched efficiency.

Popular Features:

DCMA-14 checks
Schedule compare
Progress tracking
N&L Impact offers you any of the the Nodes & Links subscriptions through a simple sign up process. Just choose your plan and start for free immediately! 🚀
Empowers you to predict delays before they happen, spot the source of delay, run simulations and enrich them with AI, and see what drives risk and uncertainty using a smart and interactive interface.

Popular Features:

Uncertainty & Risk
AI recommendations
Risk drivers

N&L Risk

Who is N&L Impact for?

N&L Impact is built for the large span of roles that make up the Project Management Office (PMO), including project managers, planners, schedulers, risk managers, account managers, project controllers, PMO directors, and project directors.We’re breaking new ground in construction projects by providing you with the best tools available.

Our goal is to enhance project performance by giving users hassle-free access to 21st-century tech.

See N&L Impact for yourself

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With direct access to the tools you need, you can say goodbye to lengthy sales and setup cycles and start revolutionizing the way you deliver projects.
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