Nodes & Links + PaCE – Partnership Announcement

We are thrilled to announce the new partnership between Nodes & Links, an AI-powered schedule management platform, and PaCE (Planning and Cost Engineering), a consultancy paving the way for advanced project controls.

Who is Nodes & Links?

Nodes & Links brings modern technology to capital project delivery by implementing artificial intelligence to help project teams de-risk and accelerate their projects. Our award-winning technology brings Generative and Predictive AI to the project control landscape, revolutionizing the way projects get done.

“In project controls, we need efficiency. PaCE has been delivering efficiency for decades. The next step in our journey of efficiency is AI.

Byron van Belkum, PaCE

Who is PaCE?

PaCE, based in South Africa with offices in key economic centers, inclusive of Australia and the UK, is a consultancy at the forefront of project controls, specializing in natural resources, industrial and energy industries. They have best-practice baked into their array of project services that they offer, including planning, cost engineering, commercial and procurement management, project admin, risk management, and more.

“The one core principle that [Nodes & Links has] is that you partner with pragmatic visionaries because it’s not about some random ethereal dream of creating AI. It’s about actually making material, generational change in delivery with people today, to their benefit."

Greg Lawton, Nodes & Links CEO

About the Partnership

Nodes & Links was in search of a best-practice company in Africa interested in introducing AI into the continent’s project industry. PaCE was in search of an AI technology to bring more efficiency and assurance to their clients, enabling better outcomes for their projects.

“There is currently only one company in Africa that has access to that.”

Greg Lawton, Nodes & Links CEO

What Does This Mean for Clients?

The PaCE team now provides their clients with technology like Generative and Predictive AI that will streamline and improve processes like reporting, risk analysis, forecasting, delay analysis, and more. PaCE’s goal is to enable their clients to make better decisions faster, improving outcomes for their projects.

“I think what PaCE is doing with Nodes & Links in the AI space is definitely going to have a positive effect on project controls. I mean, you’re pushing the boundaries and only good can come from that.

Leon Cilliers - CCOM, PaCE Partner

Meet the Nodes & Links team to learn more about our AI solutions for project controls.

Learn more about PaCE’s project control services here:

“We mustn’t be afraid of AI. We need to embrace it because it’s going to better us as human beings and as a project community.”

Warren Bennett, PaCE


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