Why teams choose
Nodes & Links Insights over 'Build-Your-Own'

Make smart decisions hassle-free with Nodes & Links—a single solution for your team. Benefit from free upgrades, instant value, robust security, and effortless scalability.
Instant value
Free upgrades
Security baked in
No maintenance
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Why MS Excel / PowerBI makes
great project teams sad​

01. Hard to get started
MS Excel and PowerBI are generic tools - there is no useful functionality out of the box, which means you have to spend months trying to build what you need, only to realise that it's harder (and more expensive) than you originally thought. With Nodes & Links you get peace of mind - a single out of the box solution which continuously grows in functionality without you lifting a finger .
02. The burden is on you
MS Excel and PowerBI are powerful generic tools, which require expensive in-house work to get you started. The cost and effort for maintaining functionality then begins to pile up and the excitement of building your own dashboard, suddenly, gets replaced with the burden of maintaining an increasingly sluggish tool. With Nodes & Links, the burden of maintenance, security is on us - no extra cost or time lost. Just instant value.
03. No new capability
With 'Build-Your-Own' dashboards, any new capability has to be worked from scratch. In addition, ensuring existing functionality doesn't break now becomes your problem. As a result, you are dragged to think and act like a software engineering instead of a project professional. With Nodes and Links you get free upgrades and extra functionality, as we develop the software based on your feedback. No maintenance cost, no backward compatibility issues and no complicated upgrade procedures. 

What do our users say about Nodes & Links?

We create modern software that is secure, smart and easy to use. We take your
feedback and release improvements and new capabilities every 2 weeks.
And this is why our users love us.
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