Why teams choose
Nodes & Links Insights over SmartPM

A single solution for everyone on your team to start making smart decisions without the fuzz - easy, secure and scalable.
Fast to learn
Flexible plans
Security baked in
Easy to scale
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Why SmartPM makes great project teams sad​

01. Slow to Pick Up
SmartPM provides lengthy, 1 hour videos, just to get started. With Nodes & Links, you get instant access and fast value - you can achieve most flows with a 1-2 clicks. In addition, you get modern in-app support and an easy to use wikipedia that empowers without overwhelming you.
02. Vendor lock in
SmartPM only allows yearly commitments and you can’t try before you buy - which means that you are faced with the risk of committing for a year with a tool that just doesn’t work for you. With Nodes & Links you can jump straight into it, no strings attached! And if you decide you want to commit for just a few months, that’s ok with us!
03. No security certification
Nodes & Links has a secure, scalable infrastructure. We are certified by UK Gov’s CyberSecurity framework (and soon ISO 27001!) so you can rest assured that your sensitive data is in safe hands, from encryption to web application firewalls. You also get a live view of how we maintain the highest level of up time (see for yourself).
04. Expensive and not scalable
SmartPM’s complicated subscription model is broken into a per project system. This means that for the same user to use the tool in three projects, you have to pay three times! All of Nodes & Links current and future features are included in a simple per seat model, for unlimited projects. You also get free unlimited viewers to ensure everyone in the team is kept in the loop, securely.

What do our users say about Nodes & Links?

We create modern software that is secure, smart and easy to use. We take your
feedback and release improvements and new capabilities every 2 weeks.
And this is why our users love us.
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