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Analyse without distractions

Do QSRAs faster and more frequently, without the clunkiness of legacy software.

Get the risk profile of any activity or WBS. Focus on critical path activities using smart filters. Import uncertainty parameters from previous schedules with a single click.

Get AI uncertainty recommendations based on past performance. Rely on legacy software as much or as little as you want.

Intuitive results

So you can focus on what matters: derisking.

The system you need to easily understand uncertainty analysis. See what drives risk and see the impact of mitigation. Enable your team to focus on de-risking by sharing results with a single click.

Sophistication without the fuzz

Spend time on synthesizing information, not just number crunching.

Results that can be explained to all stakeholders. Interact with the data and run live workshops without delays. With AI uncertainty recommendations, you can rely on other teams as much or as little as you want.

Features that make this possible…

Generative AI Reporting

Charting the path ahead with data-driven reports for tomorrow's success.

AI Monte-Carlo Risk Analysis

Predict tomorrow's success today with AI-driven projections.

Automated Delay Analysis

Navigate your projects to fruition, minimizing setbacks and uncertainties.

Fastest QSRA in the world

Run fully loaded QSRAs on 50k activity schedules in under 2 minutes. You can now run QSRAs live during risk workshops, and test hypotheses on the fly.

Fuse AI with your expertise

Get uncertainty recommendations based on your project’s performance up to date, and enrich them with your own expertise. Rely on the AI as much as you want.

Risk positions for everything

Get the risk profile of any activity or WBS fast and easily. Share the results with a single click.

AI-powered predictions

We use your project’s schedule updates to understand your performance and use it to give you a realistic prediction for all future activities. Uses peer-reviewed tech.

Risk Drivers

Pick an activity and see the activities that drive its P Position. Alternate between uncertainty and risk events through interactive tornado charts. See the impact of your mitigation with a single click.

Mitigation Recommendations

Improve delivery by automatically identifying opportunities for acceleration. You can also create and test your own mitigation scenarios in a safe sandbox environment.

What Plaform can do for you

See the impact of change on the critical path

See what activities and milestones have been removed or added, and how that impacts your critical path and other KPIs.

Schedule health done easily

Start with the standard 14 DCMA checks, and then leverage an additional 16 proprietary checks. No extra work required.

KPIs for every part of your project

Get progress information for any of your WBS and activity codes without the mundane data crunching. All in one click with AI.

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Return on Investment (ROI)


hours saved monthly

“The future is very much a partnership between a Planner and Nodes & Links, driving faster on better project performance and therefore, better outcomes.”


Return on Investment (ROI)


hours saved monthly

“Nodes & Links enabled us to extract more value out of our project data. We were able to get ahead of risk & gather actionable insights from our existing project data, thus saving both time and money.”


reduction in workload


time saved in processing

“Nodes & Links’ approach to tackling the challenge of project complexity is the biggest breakthrough in project risk management since the introduction of Quantitative Risk Analysis.”


Return on Investment (ROI)


hours saved monthly

“We wanted to get things done better and faster so that we could identify slips and proactively manage them. The scale and complexity of the project was challenging our ability to do so in a scalable way.”

The future of project controls is here, now.

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