Power Your Risk With AI

AI for schedule risk management, analytics and reporting to give you assurance and get ahead of delays and claims

Introducing Your Nodes & Links AI-Driven Co-Planner

The newest member of your team.

Control delivery analysis and reporting

Elevate your project management with precision and efficiency. Harness cutting-edge tools and strategies to ensure timely delivery, every time.

Stay ahead, meet deadlines, and exceed expectations. Your path to unparalleled project success starts here.

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Protect from risk and claims

Navigate the business landscape with minimised legal hurdles. Prioritise proactive measures and smart strategies to reduce costly disputes.

By focusing on clear communication and robust agreements, you safeguard profits and foster growth.

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Improve data quality, predictability and delivery dates

Elevate your strategies with optimised planning. Dive into a realm where foresight meets execution, ensuring every move is calculated and impactful.

Boost productivity, achieve goals, and set new benchmarks with enhanced plan effectiveness. 

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Generative AI Works For You

Modern solutions to last century’s problems. 

Time-Saving Automation

We handle repetitive tasks, such as resource allocation and progress tracking, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making and innovation.

Optimised Resource Utilisation

Benefit from AI's insights on resource allocation, ensuring you allocate the right resources at the right time, leading to efficient project execution.

Proactive Issue Resolution

AI-driven risk assessments and predictive analytics help you identify potential roadblocks in advance, enabling you to address issues before they escalate.

Data-Driven Collaboration

Nodes & Links provides better collaboration by providing real-time data and insights, fostering informed discussions and alignment among project stakeholders.

Companies around the world love our work


Return on Investment (ROI)


hours saved monthly

“Nodes & Links enabled us to extract more value out of our project data. We were able to get ahead of risk & gather actionable insights from our existing project data, thus saving both time and money.”


Return on Investment (ROI)


hours saved monthly

“The future is very much a partnership between a Planner and Nodes & Links, driving faster on better project performance and therefore, better outcomes.”


reduction in workload


time saved in processing

“Nodes & Links’ approach to tackling the challenge of project complexity is the biggest breakthrough in project risk management since the introduction of Quantitative Risk Analysis.”


Return on Investment (ROI)


hours saved monthly

“We wanted to get things done better and faster so that we could identify slips and proactively manage them. The scale and complexity of the project was challenging our ability to do so in a scalable way.”

The AI-Enhanced Nodes & Links Mission

We believe that solving constructions problems will make the world a better place to live.
Building Tomorrow: A Call to the Visionaries of Today
In this fast-paced era, we’re at a crossroads. Cities are expanding, and technology is advancing at lightning speed. We’re shaping a future where transport systems and power grids redefine our world. It’s not just construction; it’s crafting spaces for our vibrant communities. We’re here to change the game, thinking beyond today. We’re building a resilient, inclusive future.
The Problem: Bridging the Talent Gap

Our world is evolving, but there’s a talent gap. We’ve got the blueprint, but we need the right minds. We’re seeking those who push boundaries and lead with integrity. This is your moment. Together, let’s bridge this gap and achieve unparalleled success.

The Bet: A Future Shaped by Machine Intelligence

By 2030, machines will lead project controls. Advanced algorithms and automation will transform project management. It’s not about replacing, but enhancing human expertise. This shift is a chance to combine machine precision with our core values. The future is a collaboration between human expertise and machine intelligence.

The Mission: Crafting the Ultimate AI-Human Synergy

In our dynamic era, there’s a thrilling mission: merge AI and human talents for global project wins. It’s not just tech; it’s a dance of machine smarts and human spirit. For the pros and innovators, this is the future beat. We’re crafting a system that vibes with human skills, offering insights and streamlining tasks. With deep knowledge and a youthful zest, we’re aiming sky-high, ensuring our projects rock while staying true to our honorable core. Our mission? A future where every project shines, powered by both man and machine. Let’s soar together.

The Rules: Guiding the AI-Human Partnership

Machines are tools, amplifying human potential. We integrate AI where it truly adds value and ensures it’s economically viable. These aren’t just guidelines; they’re our mission’s foundation, ensuring a harmonious AI-human partnership for unmatched project excellence.

Overall Goal: Envisioning a Brighter Tomorrow
Beyond tech and innovation, our goal is simple: a better world for all. We’re leveraging advancements for global positive change, from sustainable projects to addressing global challenges. Our vision is a world where technology uplifts humanity, ensuring a brighter, inclusive tomorrow for everyone.

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The Nodes & Links AI Platform

How we make good on our promises.
Project Reporting

Everyone can now easily answer simple but crucial questions around project progress. Choose the level of detail you want, from project s-curves and WBS/ACS KPIs to activity-level drill downs.

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See impact of change in KPI's

See which activities and milestones have been removed or added, and how that impacts your critical path and other KPIs.

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Schedule Health Checks

Start with 14 DCMA checks, and then leverage an additional 16 proprietary checks. With best practice baked in, you can also edit your own check thresholds.

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Spot The Source Of A Delay

Select an activity and immediately get the activities that are responsible for its delay, and their individual contribution.

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Start From The Most Delayed Activities

Save time in finding the activities that matter most by using a smart search that automatically prioritises activities with the largest delays.

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Share Results In A Flexible Way

Export visuals that can be featured in your report or download detailed data in a csv for further analysis.

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Compare Any Two Schedules Fast

Find which key metrics of your project have changed since your last schedule, and focus on where you want to drill further.

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See The Impact Of Change On The Critical Path

See what activities and milestones have been removed or added, and how that impacts your critical path and other KPIs.


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Spot Changes And Their Impact

See how change impacts key KPIs like the critical path using a rich and intuitive interface.

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Get Risk Positions For Everything

Get the risk profile of any activity or WBS fast and easily. Share results with a single click.

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Fuse AI With Your Expertise

Get uncertainty recommendations based your project performance up to date, and enrich them with your own expertise.

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Analyse Faster And More Frequently

Test uncertainty scenarios faster, easier and more frequently. Got 50k activities? No problem - we got you covered in less than 2 minutes.

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Use Your Schedule To Get Your Carbon Footprint

We use resources in your schedule to calculate your carbon footprint. One consistent and automated method for all your projects. Compatible with PAS-2080.

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What Is Driving Your Carbon Footprint?

Pinpoint the biggest contributor of carbon, at a WBS or activity level. Get the breakdown between materials and equipment. All in a simple, interactive way.

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Assess The Impact Of Delay

Find the impact that a delay can have to your carbon footprint. No extra effort. One click.

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Spot Trends For Both Tasks And Milestones

Track up to 20 individual tasks and milestones in an easy to use interface. Support your visual with a table that contains all the info you need.

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Easy To Use Interface With Smart Search

Quickly find the tasks and milestones you care about through a smart search function. See details for each activity through the interactive dashboard.

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Share Your Results Easily. One Click.

See trends in relation to today’s date. Invite your team to see the results real time, and easily export it as part of your report.

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Nodes & Links is a Project Intelligence platform with all the tools you need to connect various parts of the project delivery process, from planning to risk and project management.

Crafted by Schedulers Empowered by AI

Solving your daily challenges one solution at a time.

Expertise Embodied

Nodes & Links embodies 
the insights of schedulers. 
 Crafted by scheduling professionals, we offer features tailored to your needs, optimizing efficiency.

Real Challenges, 
Real Solutions

Informed by actual schedulers, Nodes & Links addresses scheduling complexities directly, providing practical tools that work.

Efficient Scheduling

Nodes & Links empowers with specialized capabilities, making intricate scheduling tasks simpler and enhancing overall decision-making.

The most helpful aspects so far are: ease of use, platform speed, capability to assess project health/progress and changes/trends over time

Project planner at Intel
Enterprise Grade Security Built-In

With Nodes and Links, the schedule comparison is done with the click of a button, meaning the scheduler now has more time in identifying opportunities and possible mitigation measures.

Educate Your Team with Nodes & Links University

With Nodes and Links, the schedule comparison is done with the click of a button, meaning the scheduler now has more time in identifying opportunities and possible mitigation measures.

Dedicated CS For Your Tenant

With Nodes and Links, the schedule comparison is done with the click of a button, meaning the scheduler now has more time in identifying opportunities and possible mitigation measures.

Nodes & Links AI Works For you.

Tailored Efficiency

Nodes & Links aligns with your goals by tailoring its approach to your specific project needs, utilizing new capabilities to streamline processes and achieve faster project completion.

Cost-Conscious Management

We aid in meticulous budget tracking, ensuring adherence to financial constraints and supporting your mission of cost-effective project delivery.

Strategic Predictability

Nodes & Links enhances predictability by analyzing project components comprehensively and foreseeing potential bottlenecks, aligning perfectly with your goal of making projects more predictable.

Resource Optimization

By integrating new capabilities, Nodes & Links optimizes resource allocation, aligning with your mission of achieving projects more efficiently and at a reduced cost.

Sustainable Innovations

We aligns with your commitment to sustainability by incorporating eco-friendly practices through new capabilities, ensuring projects are not only efficient but also environmentally conscious.

Empowered Decision-Making

With data-driven insights, Nodes & Links empowers informed decision-making, enabling you to execute projects in a manner that fulfills your mission of achieving faster, more cost-efficient, predictable, and sustainable outcomes.

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