• Nodes & Links' approach to tackling the challenge of project complexity is the biggest breakthrough in project risk management since the introduction of Quantitative Risk Analysis
    Mike Bartlett
    Head of Enterprise Risk, HS2

Optimise your most important decisions for successful project outcomes

Bid Submission

Submit delivery plans that you are confident of by measuring your exposure to hidden risks, checking the sanity of your schedule, benchmarking against past successful projects, and more.

Project Delivery

Increase your control over project outcomes by uncovering hidden critical paths, containing domino-like failures, optimising team performance, and more.

Change Insertion

Manage the effect of change by containing its impact on the portfolio, minimising the propensity for rework, highlighting areas of liability, and more.

Our partners

Reduce project complexity by introducing clarity and predictability

Complex risks arise from the way in which activities, resources and suppliers interact throughout the entire lifecycle, obscuring decision making and reducing predictability. We ingest this complexity and provide you a way to uncover these interactions, understand their implications and optimize for efficiency and performance.

As an example, this interactive visualisation shows the collaboration network for delivering a real-world energy project. Note how some resources are centrally embedded within the project, whilst others rely on regular collaborations and others act independently.

How it is done

1. You upload your data in a secure way

Upload your existing Oracle Primavera data in a secure way, where no one besides you can view your sensitive data (not even us!). Whether it is project data related to a highway or a nuclear reactor, our security protocols will ensure complete anonymity and security.

2. Our algorithms decipher the patterns of complexity

We combine the raw power of cloud computing with cutting edge algorithms to make sense of how complexity constrains your project’s potential. Our algorithms stand at the highest level of rigor, are transparent and auditable – no black boxes.

3. Our platform tells you how to improve performance

We take in the complexity of your projects and provide you with the clarity you need to act. We deploy beautifully-engineered technologies that help you navigate, explore and test your data in a collaborative way.

4. You act and reap the benefits

Our platform helps you focus on the challenges that matter, supporting you throughout the entire project life-cycle. In doing so, you will create a data-first ecosystem where learnings can be used to support future decision making.