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We are a dynamic deep-tech start-up. We are revolutionising the project management industry and disrupting the status quo with groundbreaking solutions that truly push the boundaries of what’s possible, utilising cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to analyse and optimise large-scale projects.

What Does It Mean To Be A Noder?

What Does It Mean To Be A Noder?

As a Noder, there are some values that are innate to us. We tried to summarise them so you can get in the groove! After all, you are one of us.

Strong Opinions Weakly Held ​

We openly challenge and take comfort that it is the right way to exhaust collective thinking and knowledge.

We know why we think the way we do, but are eager to be proven wrong with irrefutable data.​

Stronger together

We will achieve greater results the more we strive as one. We play for the team and win for the customer. A good win is one we all share.

Nothing but the whole truth

Integrity is not optional. We apply an honesty to all our work and interactions, knowing this will keep us grounded and realistic about just how much more we need to do for our customers.​

Student & Teacher

We embrace every day as an opportunity to learn and share.

To stay the same is the enemy of evolution. We resist stagnation to destroy mediocrity. ​

We are Builders

Driven by a sense of purpose, we identified a gap and took action. With ownership and dedication, we strive for progress and expansion. Like a united ant colony, we collaborate daily to shape a world-altering company.​

Data Driven Decisioning​

Facts are irrefutable and cut through personal bias like a knife through butter. We choose to be the knife.​

Make Impossible Possible​

The only limit to our success is our ambition. We are bold, brave and crazy and we might just change the world.​

We are Olympians

Like champions, we continuously improve with discipline and unwavering dedication. Our pursuit of excellence raises the bar, delivering top-notch quality to our customers. We unite as an exceptionally talented team, sharing high expectations to benefit the collective.​

Courage To Fail​

We are willing to put ourselves out there as individuals and as a team, with the realisation that we may not always get it right. Yet, we dare to do.​

You are what you do

Mirror, mirror on the wall. Please show us for who we are and not what we hope we are because we know that we are really what we tolerate​

Frugality is reality​

Spend money as if it is your own. Take pride in achieving more with less and recognise that constraints breed resourcefulness.​


We accept that we have to take responsibility in order to demonstrate accountability and recognise excuses as lack of acceptance of this reality.​

Informally professional

We are relatable without the need of being corporately pompous.

We are changing the business world, with our own words, behaviours and beliefs, but always understanding whom we have across the table from us. Respect always comes first. ​

Did someone say benefits?

As a Noder, there are some values that are innate to us. We tried to summarise them so you can get in the groove! After all, you are one of us.

Home Office Allowance!

We want to make sure that you are working in a comfortable and healthy environment.

So we want to help to get you to pro status, fast and easily!

Nodes & Links not only provides you with your initial set up, but we will also contribute to the build of your home-office setup to the total value of £500. Eligible items are keyboards, mouse, desk, chairs, footrest stool, laptop stand 🚀

International Health Insurance

As a Noder, we believe that you come first.
And a happy you is a healthy you, that is why we have partnered with the most amazing company we could find to offer you, and your loved ones, International Health Insurance.

Have a look here at their offerings!

Nodes & Links covers Serious Matters + Daily Matters + Wellness Matters!

You can top it up with Opti-Denti and/or Family Matters.

Enhanced pension for every Noder!

When a Noder contributes 2%, N&Ls will contribute 6%*

*There might be small differences in between Countries, reach out to our team if you want to know more!

Learning & Development

We want you to become the best version of you (#bestlife), whether this is through building on an existing skill or acquiring a new one 💖

To help you achieve your goals, we have created a budget dedicated to your personal development 🧠 

The yearly budget for this is £/€1,000 pro-rated based on when you joined Nodes & Links, and it covers things like training (certified or not), online courses (Udemy, Coursera, etc), books and any kind of community-based learning.

Time off and fun

25 days of holidays!

And if you didn’t manage to use them all, 5 can be carried over to make sure you don’t lose any!

3 days if you get married

We love love, so when you get married we give you 3 extra days for your honey moon!

Company trip

Once a year, we take all Noders for a trip so we can get to spend quality time together f2f!

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