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Did someone say benefits?​

We tried to summarise them so you can get in the groove, but there are more!

Home Office Allowance

Creating your dream workspace is on us! Nodes & Links pitches in up to £/€500 for desks, chairs, and more. Plus, after your first year, you will enjoy an additional £/€100 top-up for any upgrades or replacements.


Gear up like a pro! Everyone receives top-of-the-line laptops and accessories!


We’re all in this together! And because we believe your contributions will help us build the Nodes & Links of tomorrow, you’ll own what you build :muscle:

Yearly Summer Trip

Yes, we’re that cool! Picture this: team bonding under the sun, philosophical discussions over mouthwatering cuisine, and perhaps a margarita or two. 

Our annual summer trip isn’t just about fun—it’s about fostering deeper connections and creating unforgettable memories with your fellow Noders.

Learning and Development

We’re all about helping you shine brighter! Whether you’re honing existing skills or venturing into new territories, our £/€1,000 yearly personal development budget has you covered.

Dive into certified training, online courses, books, or community-based learning—whatever fuels your growth journey!

International Health Insurance​

As a Noder, we believe that you come first.
And a happy you is a healthy you, that is why we have partnered with the most amazing company we could find to offer you, and your loved ones, International Health Insurance.

Team Gatherings

Cheers to face-to-face connections! Our in-person team meetings cultivate strong bonds and synergise our collaborative spirit.

Christmas Break

’Tis the season to be jolly! In addition to bank holidays, enjoy an extra day off around Christmas to savour precious moments with loved ones.

Enhanced Pension Schemes

We care about the future of every Noder, that’s why across the board we are contributing 6% towards their pension when you contribute as little as 2%!


Feel the freedom of ample vacation time! Enjoy generous holidays, plus the perk of carrying over up to 5 days to ensure you recharge without losing those well-deserved days off.

And if you didn’t manage to use them all, 5 can be carried over to make sure you don’t lose any!

We love love, so if you get married we give you 3 extra days for your honeymoon!

Check out our Annual Trip!

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