Meet AI Agent: Your team's newest member.

Redefine the way your project teams work with data.

Chat with your data for faster insights.

Get answers to the questions you have about your project on the fly, with the language you use every day.

Get responses the way you understand them.

Generate answers in the form of text, graphs, and tables. Choose what makes sense for you.

Democratise access to your project data.

With generative AI, now anyone in your organisation can access your project data, without knowing how to use any project software. 


Your data never leaves our premise and it is never shared with anyone else. We use proprietary technology that ensures our generative technology never sees your customer data.

You can ask AI Agent to provide answers regarding your schedule data, such as progress updates, identification of critical or delayed activities, risk assessment, and analysis of the critical path.

You can also ask AI Agent to generate reports about schedule health, risk and progress.

AI Agent is available in our Explore, Suite and Enterprise licenses.

You can see more information here.

The future of project controls is here, now.

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