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Capture your project’s state with smart, customisable widgets

Use interactive and dynamic widgets to capture the state of your project along critical aspects, incl. Progress tracking, health checks and risk. No need to copy paste across tools.

Instantly generate your project’s story using private GPT-like AI

Use AI to generate data-driven narratives in seconds across all critical project aspects, with the ability to enhance it with your own views. No need to spend hours reporting repeating information.

Ensure everyone makes decisions using the same information

Securely share your report with your team, and ensure everyone is working on the same live data. No more different versions floating in your email.

How AI Reports Work

Create Unlimited Reports

Generate multiple tailored reports for each project effortlessly. No more one-size-fits-all reporting; delve into specifics with project-centric reports.

Add The Widgets You Need

Enhance your reports with an array of interactive widgets. From tracking progress with S-curves to assessing risks with intuitive charts, customize your report to fit your project's unique demands.

Smart Report Writing with AI

Let AI take over the grunt work. Select predefined questions and generate insightful text for your S-curve, Risk Chart, and Health Spider Graph. Modify AI-generated content to fit your narrative seamlessly.

Share with Ease

Own your reports and share them effortlessly within your tenant. Control editing permissions based on user roles for collaborative yet controlled reporting experience.

Enterprise @ Nodes & Links

Enterprise Grade Security Built-In

Security is ingrained in our DNA. Our built-in enterprise-grade security ensures that your data remains protected at all times. No more sleepless nights worrying about breaches or vulnerabilities.

Educate Your Team with Nodes & Links Academy

Dive into a comprehensive learning platform tailored to enhance your team's proficiency. We offer a curated learning experience, ensuring your team harnesses the full potential of our platform.

Dedicated Support For Your Tenant

We understand that every client is unique, and our dedicated CS team ensures personalized assistance tailored to your needs. Whether it's a minor query or a major concern, we're just a call away, committed to your success.

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CEO & Co-founder
Stephen Rennick
Head of Commercial

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