This feature is part of both N&L Insights and N&L Risk, and you will ♥ it because


Carbon s-curve for both current and baseline


Work at either a WBS or activity level


Interactive visuals with an ability to export and share

Use your schedule to get your carbon footprint

We use resources in your schedule to calculate your carbon footprint. One consistent and automated method for all your projects. Compatible with PAS-2080.

What is driving your carbon footprint?

Pinpoint the biggest contributor of carbon, at a WBS or activity level. Get the breakdown between materials and equipment. All in a simple, interactive way.

Assess the impact of delay

Find the impact that a delay can have to your carbon footprint. No extra effort. One click.

Fusing AI with your schedule data

We use AI to understand the resources in your schedule. We fuse it with the risks and uncertainty of your schedule to give you a realistic estimate of your carbon footprint. All done in a systematic way that you can trust.

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