Join Nodes & Links and help shape the world of construction with AI!

Get ready for an amazing adventure filled with growth, learning and lots of fun!

We are a dynamic deep-tech start-up. We are revolutionising the project management industry and disrupting the status quo with groundbreaking solutions that truly push the boundaries of what’s possible, utilising cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to analyse and optimise large-scale projects.

What Does It Mean To Be A Noder?

As a Noder, there are some values that are innate to us. We tried to summarise them so you can get in the groove! After all, you are one of us.

Strong Opinions Weakly Held

We openly challenge and take comfort that it is the right way to exhaust collective thinking and knowledge.

We are Builders

Driven by a sense of purpose, we identified a gap and took action. With ownership and dedication, we strive for progress and expansion.

Courage To Fail​

We are willing to put ourselves out there as individuals and as a team, with the realisation that we may not always get it right. Yet, we dare to do.​

We are Olympians

We continuously improve with discipline and unwavering dedication. Our pursuit of excellence raises the bar, delivering top-notch quality to our customers.

Remote first. Always.

We’re an international team, we we’re keeping it that way. Work from your own space, or our co-working spaces in the UK or Cyprus, but it’s your choice.

Did someone say benefits?

Get ready for an amazing adventure filled with growth, learning and lots of fun!

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