Cut project costs
with better data

Be cost-effective without compromising
on quality with AI.

Contractors like Costain have seen…

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faster change impact analysis
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in ROI

using Nodes & Links to...

Gain real-time insights with AI reporting tools.

Increase visibility into project progress and keep an eye on the bottom line.

Yield data your teams can trust.

Ensure the integrity and reliability of your project data.

Be confident in your project forecasts.

Showcase your ability to provide accurate projections.

Reduce the financial impact of the unexpected.

Enable effective contingency planning and risk navigation of unforeseen events.

Reduce claims exposure with robust data governance.

De-escalate and resolve potential claims for minimal impact on projects and client relationships.

Elevate change control.

Avoid disruption by outlining risks and reducing costly implications.

Expedite your timelines.

Enhance project profitability with improved efficiency accelerating schedules.
Fast track your projects across the line and avoid unexpected costs.

Built for your entire team

Hit every milestone on time
Project Managers
Ensure optimal resource allocation
Risk Managers
Create strategies for anticipating change

Contractors like
BAM Nuttal see success with Nodes & Links’ capabilities.

Nodes & Links are showing how the construction industry can benefit from smart technology to improve project efficiency and effectiveness.

This capability will have a transformative impact on our productivity, thanks to the intelligent interpretation and use of data, which is key to the planning and programming part of our business.

Ivor Barbrook,
Head of Planning and Project Control,
BAM Nuttall

The future of project controls is here, now.

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