Why teams choose Nodes & Links over Excel + Power BI

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Compare the features of Nodes & Links vs Excel + Power BI

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Fully customisable
Schedule health checks
Progress tracking + s-curves
Project progress KPI
Find the top 5 paths to any activity
GenAI Reporting
Interactive & Shareable AI Reports
Fully customisable AI Reports
AI Agent for project insights
Private LLM
Impact of Scope Change per project/path
Health checks at project / workspace level
Track carbon footprint
Maintenance cost
Baked in security

Why great project teams need more than Excel + Power BI

01. Slow to pick up

SmartPM provides lengthy, 1 hour videos, just to get started.

With Nodes & Links, you get instant access and fast value – you can achieve most flows with a 1-2 clicks. In addition, you get modern in-app support and an easy to use wikipedia that empowers without overwhelming you.

02. Vendor lock in

SmartPM only allows yearly commitments and you can’t try before you buy – which means that you are faced with the risk of committing for a year with a tool that just doesn’t work for you.

With Nodes & Links you can jump straight into it, no strings attached! And if you decide you want to commit for just a few months, that’s ok with us!

03. No security certification

Nodes & Links has a secure, scalable infrastructure. We are certified by UK Gov’s CyberSecurity framework (and soon ISO 27001!) so you can rest assured that your sensitive data is in safe hands, from encryption to web application firewalls.

You also get a live view of how we maintain the highest level of up time (see our uptime for yourself).

04. Expensive and not scalable

SmartPM’s complicated subscription model is broken into a per project system. This means that for the same user to use the tool in three projects, you have to pay three times!

All of Nodes & Links current and future features are included in a simple per seat model, for unlimited projects. You also get free unlimited viewers to ensure everyone in the team is kept in the loop, securely.

Nodes & Links Is Trusted By Companies Including

Popular Features in Nodes & Links

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Start at the price of a coffee per day.

The best teams understand and proactively manage their plan

Nodes & Links is built for every member of your team to track, analyse and prioritise work to make great decisions

Companies around the world love our platform


Return on Investment (ROI)


hours saved monthly

“The future is very much a partnership between a Planner and Nodes & Links, driving faster on better project performance and therefore, better outcomes.”


Return on Investment (ROI)


hours saved monthly

“Nodes & Links enabled us to extract more value out of our project data. We were able to get ahead of risk & gather actionable insights from our existing project data, thus saving both time and money.”


reduction in workload


time saved in processing

“Nodes & Links’ approach to tackling the challenge of project complexity is the biggest breakthrough in project risk management since the introduction of Quantitative Risk Analysis.”


Return on Investment (ROI)


hours saved monthly

“We wanted to get things done better and faster so that we could identify slips and proactively manage them. The scale and complexity of the project was challenging our ability to do so in a scalable way.”

The future of project controls is here, now.

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