Why teams choose Nodes & Links Risk
over Acumen Fuse + Risk

Level up your team's decision-making with Nodes & Links. Fast learning, modern AI, real-time results, easy scalability – all in one easy, secure, and scalable platform.
Fast to learn
Modern AI
Real time results
Easy to scale
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Why Acumen Fuse + Risk makes
great project teams sad

01. Hard to get started
Acumen Fuse + Risk has on average 70 buttons, switches, tabs and menus per screen. To figure out how to use that you need to go through lengthy tutorials and a 220 page manual and nobody has time for that. Nodes & Links is optimised to get you up and running immediately so that you can focus on making decisions based on data - not trying to figure out how legacy software works.
02. Do it faster with AI
With Acumen Fuse + Risk you have to go through 1,000s of activities and assign uncertainty on every one of them - based on hunch and intuition - a slow (and ambiguous) process. You can do it faster with Nodes & Links AI - simply flip a switch and get AI generated estimates for the activity/WBS that you want, based on your project’s performance data. Mix that with estimates from your own expertise if you want, and get a fully loaded schedule in a few minutes.
03. Real Time Workshops
The way Acumen Fuse + Risk works, combined with the slow QSRA engine, means that don't make the most of risk workshops. With Nodes & Links, you can test assumptions and hypotheses real-time with results you can trust. All in a safe sandbox environment.
04. Expensive
Trying Acumen Fuse + Risk means at least 1 year of commitment, and $10,500, with the risk of not working out borne entirely by you. You will also need to go through lengthy procurement processes that can typically last 4-6 months. With Nodes & Links, you can get your AI superpowers immediately and for free, and use that lost time to save at least 250 hours from your workload.

What do our users say about Nodes & Links?

We create modern software that is secure, smart and easy to use. We take your
feedback and release improvements and new capabilities every 2 weeks.
And this is why our users love us.
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