Spot trends early to avoid surprises

A simple method to identify trends and
deviations from the planned schedule quickly
Live on +$100bn worth of projects incl.
hs2 aecom intel

This feature is part of N&L Insights, and you will ♥ it because


Track trends for tasks and milestones


Simple and visually powerful


Easily exportable and shareble

Spot trends for both tasks and milestones

Track up to 20 individual tasks and milestones in an easy to use interface. Support your visual with a table that contains all the info you need.

Easy to use interface with smart search

Quickly find the tasks and milestones you care about through a smart search function. See details for each activity through the interactive dashboard.

Share your results easily. One click.

See trends in relation to today’s date. Invite your team to see the results real time, and easily export it as part of your report.

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