The future of our digital world lives in data centres.

The PRoblem:

Data centre builds are complex projects.

They are prone to huge delays and budget overruns, putting our digital future on hold and a lot of businesses out of a lot of money.

megaprojects become delayed or over-budget
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lost every minute a data centre is offline
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average duration delay for megaprojects
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How do we build them faster?


De-risk and accelerate your plan with Generative AI.

Ensure data integrity with AI assistance.

Let your data do your benchmarking with Generative AI.

Set your uncertainty predictions by leveraging Gen AI trained on thousands of project datasets.

Forecast the outcome of your schedule with predictive AI modelling.

Generate and simulate delay recovery scenarios with Gen AI and see their potential impact.

Use AI-powered QSRA to understand acceleration impact and identify bottlenecks.

Generate instantaneous reports in one click with Gen AI reporting.

Generative AI for accelerating project delivery.

Features built for faster, more predictable schedules:

AI Predict

Forecast the future of your build, using benchmarking generated from your project’s data.

AI Mitigate

Generate acceleration opportunities with AI and simulate the impact in one click.

Schedule Health

Keep your project in top condition by quickly identifying and addressing data discrepancies.

AI Risk

Take a proactive approach to identifying and addressing potential challenges with AI-powered QSRA and Monte Carlo simulations.

Change Control

Compare schedules and measure the impact of your interventions, assuring the fastest path to delivery.

Delay Navigator

Swiftly pinpoint sources of delays and take corrective actions to reduce disruptions.

Turner & Townsend's story of automation
in the delivery of a critical data center using Nodes & Links

Turner & Townsend used the Nodes & Links platform to enable their teams to quickly identify the impact of changes across different schedule versions, saving time and opening up mitigation and opportunities that the team could not have otherwise identified.

The team was able to assess the impact of more than 25 changes across different schedules, and was able to see their impact in a few seconds.
hours saved monthly
more insights
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“Being able to identify these critical changes efficiently would enable planners to have more time to work with the client and the contractor on mitigating these challenges and enhance project outcomes.”

Associate Director, Turner & Townsend

Build the future of our digital world faster with Gen AI.

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